Home Staging Tips That Can Sell Your Home

  • Curb Appeal – ensure the first impression is a great one, house number displayed in an easy to see location, touch up or re paint shutters and front door, the front door has a high return on investment…so be sure to update or replace dated shiny brass hardware, trim all shrubs and tress for a well maintained appearance, mulch, clean windows and pressure clean house, drive way, walks and porches

  • Paint – all paint should be in move-in condition and neutral color tones…remember 85% of potential buyers don’t have the ability to see beyond bold/personalized paint and wallpaper selections and paint has the highest return on investment when selling

  • Set the Stage – all lights on and window treatments open for showings…light and bright sells, soft background music throughout the property creates an inviting atmosphere and a clean fresh smell is the very best
    De-Personalize – de-personalize the entire property – including removal of collections and family photographs…allow buyers to envision themselves living in the home

  • De-clutter – it will ensure storage and the property features are not overlooked by buyers…remember the way we live and the way we sell are different
  • Repairs – all repairs done before the first showing

  • Pets– pets and all pet items out of the property for all showings – buyers will likely have a pet but, studies show that they will likely object to pets in the home they are buying

  • Clean – clean has a high return on investment when selling so clean windows, carpets, kitchen appliances inside and out, dust light fixtures, change filters etc…

  • The Internet and Photos – ensure the photos of your property are professional and amazing and posted everywhere possible…95% of the buying process today starts online
“Remember the investment of staging is always less than the first price reduction”
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